Lily doesn’t like the rain; in fact, she positively loathes it. She cannot bear the way it sticks her clothes uncomfortably to her, the way it stings her skin with its icy cold, and the way it gets into her shoes, making her feet slosh as she walks. She is definitely more of a summer girl, much preferring the feel of warm sunshine tickling her skin. Unfortunately for her, she has managed to pick a boyfriend who adores the rain; a mere few minutes after it starts, he is begging her to go for a walk in it.

Lily sighs as she stares out of the window. It started to rain just over a minute ago, so by her estimation, she has about three minutes before she has to tell James to, “Bugger off.” She wastes one of those minutes by seriously considering hiding from him before she remembers that stupid map of his, making her decide not to waste her last few precious moments on futile efforts. Instead, she chooses to spend the time in her favourite corner of the library, her nose in her favourite Charms book.

Lily feels like she has barely had any time to enjoy the book before James comes running over, Madame Pince glaring at his back. “No running in the library,” she hisses loudly.

“Sorry,” James calls over his shoulder, as he slows to a walk. He reaches Lily and bends down to kiss her on the cheek. “Hey Evans,” he whispers, not wanting to get himself in more trouble with Madame Pince.

“No way,” Lily states immediately, figuring she might as well try to save herself some time by letting James know straight away that there is no way she is going for a walk in the rain. James simply grins and pulls a rucksack off his back.

“I thought you might say that,” he says, as he sits down in a chair opposite her. He places the rucksack on the table between them and starts to open it. “So I brought some things that may help change your mind.”

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