The Doctor said the Universe was huge and ridiculous and sometimes there were miracles. I could do with a ridiculous miracle about now.

Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary Ponds!


As Amy and Rory looked at their daughter in her cot, Amy pulled something from her pocket to dab Melody’s chin and realised it was the prayer leaf; she told the baby, "You keep hold of this now. It will always keep us together."

-fr. The Doctor Who Companion: A Good Man Goes To War original script

I just have to blink, right?

doctor who meme | five otps

↳ amy/rory [2/5]

Rory and Amy + Full body shots

30 Days of The Ponds | Day 25: Favorite the Ponds picture The Ponds evolution

Rory, no offense to the others, but you let them all die first, okay?


Not everything ends. Not love. Not always.

30 Days of The Ponds | Day 19: Most Tender Moment(s)


I like to draw cute things when I’m sick