Oliver: ‘We (James, Rupert and him) have the same sense of humour and he’s just the coolest person — I’ve yet to meet anyone who says a bad word against him.”


JAMES: Eleven years ago, Oliver and I went for an open audition in Leeds.
OLIVER: It’s gone really quickly and it’s been an amazing experience for us to be on. We’ve made so many fantastic friends for life.





“Even to the point in the exercise books in the Great Hall set, we’d actually do our own school work on set, just made it look as authentic as possible” (Oliver Phelps)

oliver looks like me trying to do algebra

he looks like me trying to do any kind of maths

it looks like he turned his ear into a grape and is horrified


» Rupert Grint & Oliver Phelps, Whimbledon 2011

Got to love these two.