Favourite TLAT Scenes (x) - Chapter 14, Two Steps Forward: You may be able to convince everyone else that you’re a seer or a mind reader or a psychic or whatever, but, James, I took two years of Divination with you: I was there when Professor Seastone said you were the least spiritually perceptive person he had ever encountered.”

Favourite TLAT Scenes (x) - Chapter 13, Something Realized: “Somewhat desperately — with the dim light of the fireplace casting a funny shadow against her, and her hair in such a wreck—he wanted to just say it. But he didn’t.”

Favourite TLAT Scenes (x) - Chapter 11, The Trouble With Angels: "The sun was shining, the snow glistened as Alice moved on that morning, and it was almost Christmas"

Favourite TLAT Scenes (x) - Chapter 10, The Connection: "Professor Black was dying. Carlotta was a bitch. Sirius Black was an alright sort of bloke. The attempted suicides had all been accidents. Lathe was going to investigate in Hogsmeade. Professor Black was dying."

Favourite TLAT Scenes (x) - Chapter 9, The Art of Walking: What the hell is her problem anyway? Why is she so…? Why can’t she just…?” He stopped to breathe. “Lily Evans is going to be the death of me. Damn girl can’t make up her mind… and I am done. I am done trying to figure out what the hell she’s on about, because she is… insane.”

Favourite TLAT Scenes (x) - Chapter 9, The Art of Walking: “We’re just trying to get along,” interrupted Lily lightly. “There’s nothing going on between us… we’re not even proper mates. We’re just… trying to get along.”

Favourite TLAT Scenes (x) - Chapter 9, The Art of Walking: Remus Lupin,” the older boy cut off his brother, “is a hundred times the wizard, and the person, and the brother that you could even hope to be. So the next time you want to go taunting some muggleborns or half-bloods because you’re so superior, think about that, alright?”

Favourite TLAT Scenes (x) - Chapter 8, Dates With Ravenclaws: “ We’re not friends,’ Lily reminded him. ‘Except, as I remember, potentially.’ 

Favourite TLAT Scenes (x) - Chapter 7, Failures of Courage: Nonetheless, these four words played over and over in her head like a damaged record, overcoming her hesitance to believe them. James Potter is human.”

Favourite TLAT Scenes (x) - Chapter 7, Failures of Courage: But wasn’t it possible that the real Potter was the genuine, charismatic, entertaining one, and the other one was just… a coating of immaturity?”

Favourite TLAT Scenes (x) - Chapter 6, Conversations: “For the last time before I die, I need you all to cast your vote. Okay? Because we are a team, and I really have no bloody clue, so if you all don’t vote, I’m picking the Ravenclaw who offered me a lap dance. Clear?”

Favourite TLAT Scenes (x) - Chapter 5, The Shape of Things to Come: “I guess we’ll never end up picking the same battles, you and I,”

Favourite TLAT Scenes (x) - Chapter 4, Snaps and the Second Week: “It’s what always happens: he doesn’t mean to always say the wrong thing to her, to make her hate him, to feel intensely bitter towards her prat boyfriend, to punch blokes that speak unkindly to her. It just happens: the part of his brain that is logical and reasoning snaps when it comes to Lily Evans.”

Favourite TLAT Scenes (x) - Chapter 4, Snaps and the Second Week: “Chess tournaments, Gobstones games, and intense rounds of Exploding Snap abounded throughout the room, everyone chatting loudly—for once about completely normal adolescent things.”

Favourite TLAT Scenes (x) - Chapter 3, To Start a Year: "You’re right. You’re so right. I should take the Severus Snape approach to life—sit around bitching about my inner pain and hating the world for it."