Here’s your gun, dear. 

Oh thanks, sweetheart. 


Sherlock got a new friend.


“Lestrade described Sherlock as a child and, in many ways, that’s what he is. I said that he doesn’t care about what others think and that he’s arrogant because of this but it’s not really that. It’s not that he doesn’t care, it’s that he genuinely doesn’t understand that it’s normal to care. It’s normal to worry about what other people think. Like a child, he just doesn’t understand the rules of society - which, of course, is probably why he’s so good at working the rest of us out” (x)


The police are treating Sherlock roughly, as if they just caught him in the act. They don’t need to handcuff him, because he intends to go with them willingly. He put on his scarf and his coat; he intends to go quietly. But they cuff him and haul him out anyway, with contempt. That is more than John can bear. It’s unjust.

John wants to see a warrant, for one. At least a warrant. He demands that they treat Sherlock with respect. After everything Sherlock has done for them: all the cases he’s solved for free, after all the good he’s done, this is how they treat him, in the end. The way they wing him around so that he stumbles; I wonder if that’s the point where John starts to seriously lose his temper. Sherlock is a strange creature, but he is, if nothing else, dignified, and the police are not allowing him any dignity at all. They are deliberately humiliating him.

Given John’s fundamentally moral nature, his inclination to defend the people he loves at any cost, the injustice of this arrest, and the willful humiliation of someone he admires while he is helpess to prevent it, it’s no wonder he ends up resorting to righteous violence. 

Righteous violence is kind of John’s thing.

you’ve met him. how many friends do you imagine he has?





i hate myself for posting this *crying*


and now just fucking kick me in the guts, spit on me and throw my body to the wolves…




“So what are we doing then?”

“Oh just passing the time… and proving a point.”

“What point?”

“That you’re in love with me.”

so beautifully done!




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There are two types of people.